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30 days challenge ideas

Give yourself time to change bad habits. Give up being a lazy duck. Start doing productive things and keep yourself active.

Don’t wait for January. Start right now itself and keep yourself active.

My best part of the 30 day challenge is drawing and gardening.

Happy start.

  1. ​Do yoga for a month.
  2. Learn something new everyday.
  3. Take drawing challenge.
  4. Write positive thoughts a day.
  5. Wake up early.
  6. Stop buying waste things and Save money.
  7. Learn cooking.
  8. Learn a new language.
  9. Build your writing skill
  10. Go mobile free for a month.
  11. Keep your room neat and clean
  12. Happiness challenge. Stay happy and stop worrying.
  13. If you’re a garden lover. Each day plant a new plant.
  14. Say no to junk foods. Stay healthy.
  15. Daily eat fruits.