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My New YouTube Channel.

I’m so excited to share this awesome news. Finally, I have started my YouTube channel!  


So here I’ll share DIY beauty tips & care, health tips & care, cooking recipes blah blah blah 😋 

Name: miniks creations 

This is the link.

Health tips:

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7 Tips for mascara lovers.

Hey buddies! 

Today I am going to share my secret mascara tricks. Even when you’re going out on your makeup, the final touch up with a mascara will complete your look. Mascara makes your eyes look brighter and gives you full of life to your face.

  1. First, apply mascara to the middle and inner lashes using upward strokes, then concentrate on the outer lashes, sweeping out as a 45- degree angle to enhance the outer edge of the eye.
  2. Always use less mascara on your lower lashes, this will naturally lift your eyes. Too much on lower lashes can make eyes look droopy.
  3. When you first buy mascara its thinner and more liquid, which means it goes on heavier. To avoid over doing it, and to ensure a lighter covering allow the wand to dry for a few seconds in the air before you apply.
  4. Never add water or other liquid to mascara to keep it from drying out, as this can cause the preservative to become diluted and therefore offer less protection against germs and bacteria.
  5. Apply one coat of mascara carefully and wait for it to dry before considering a second one. You may only need one application this way you’ll avoid clogging.
  6. If your mascara thickens when it reaches the end of the tube place the sealed tube in warm water for a few minutes to help make the mascara thinner.
  7. Soak your mascara tube in a cup of hot water to make the formula liquid instead of clumpy. This will make the formula thinner and easier to apply.

We hope you have enjoyed our mascara tips for beginners. If you’ve got other tips or suggestions, let us know in the comments below.


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How to come out from depression?

Hi friends! After a long break, I’m back with a new article. I was busy with my new project sooner I’ll post about my new project.

There are million and millions of people are in depression. Especially married woman’s facing this problem. That’s why I decided to write this post to help others. So here I’m going to share my secret technique. How to come out from depression.

1. Watch Your Favorite Movie:


Whenever I feel depressed I’ll watch the movie. To be honest, I want to say the truth. While watching the movie I’ll think too much. Sometimes the comedy movie will help me to feel relaxed and happy. Try to watch comedy movies.

2. Do Meditation:


Sometimes some people will taking wrong decision in their life. I know how depressed people will think. So for that, do mediation to control yourself. Every morning do meditation. 

3. Eat Healthy Food:


Some people won’t eat proper food on depression. But some people will eat more food on depression. So eat healthy foods. DON’T EAT JUNK FOODS. Eat fruits and vegetables (I love to eat carrots).

4. Draw Something:

Whenever I felt depressed or I want to show my anger. I’ll express my feelings in the drawing. I’ll draw what I am thinking.

5. Play With You Pet:


Now I don’t have a pet. But 1 year back, I had a two cute dogs. Whenever I felt lonely and depressed I’ll play with them. Actually, they know I’m depressed, so they’ll come and cheer up me. 

6. Do Facial:

Whee! Facial!! Facial! Facial!! Last time I did sandalwood facial and final touch I gave an ice cube massage. OH MY GOD! Somewhat I felt relaxed and I slept well. Every girl should try this awesome technique.

7. Go Out With Your Friends:

Talk to your friends and go out with your best friends. Visit your favorite place with your friends. My best medicine is outing with friends and shopping these two are my favorite thing. Automatically I’ll feel relaxed.

8. Favorite Songs:


Listen to your favorite songs.  But one important point doesn’t listen to sad songs. It’ll push you into more negativity. One of my friend told me to listen to devotional songs it’ll gives you more peace and automatically you’ll feel the difference. Actually, I felt the difference, somewhat I’m feeling calm and relaxed.

Feel positive and stay happy ☺ 

-The Miniki’s